Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Emmanuel Adebayor is set to miss derby day after his poor behaviour in City’s victory over Arsenal. The FA are set to fast track the disciplinary for the in-form striker but it’s not entirely clear which incident they will be punishing. His celebration is worthy of at least a fine, although Greater Manchester Police have got involved and condemned Adebayor, which might mean he faces a ban. Then there was the kicking of Robin van Persie’s face, which was just inches away from his eye. But there was also a stamp on Cesc Fabregas.

In reaction to Adebayor’s goal, the Arsenal fans went mental, and rightly so in my opinion. Liverpool FC weren’t punished for their fans’ reaction to Gary Neville’s celebration in 2006, where they ripped out seats and threw them on the pitch, so it would be double standards to dish out Arsenal with any sort of fine. Some would argue that fans should be responsible for their own behaviour though and a player sliding on their knees shouldn’t warrant behaviour which resulted in a steward being knocked unconscious and taken to hospital.

He said:

“I can go and play at the Emirates for the return game, why not? I play for Manchester City and if they want me to go and play, I will play… After the game I saw him [Robin van Persie] and said sorry but he didn’t even want to speak to me… I don’t know what I have done wrong to get banned. I have not heard the police or FA want to talk to me. The club have not said anything. I heard that a steward was injured and I regret that. I have apologised to Robin van Persie. It was silly to run up in front of the Arsenal fans. But these people have been insulting me all game. Even in the warm-up they were insulting me. They were saying things that are not nice to hear, personal things. I didn’t plan it, not at all. I didn’t even know that I would score. The way things were going from the warm-up, at the end it came into my head. I would like to apologise to the steward for what happened, why not?” - Emmanuel Adebayor.