Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Video: The next gaming season - Fifa or Pes 2012?

Most of Africa's leagues are in various stages of completion, but the next football seasons in the major leagues start in a few months.

That brings to mind what I'll be playing. Football Manager is standard, of course, but what of the eternal battle between Fifa and Pes 2012?

I'm not sure what will take my fancy, especially with the Fifa 12 trailer looking so awesome. Have a look:

You must admit the new Pes 2012 is looking good as well. The trailer is this way.

I think Fifa has the best gameplay while Pes seem to be better on the graphics and animations.

And so the big decision: what to go for? The people have IGN went debating it.

After listening, I'm still not decided. Guess I'll get both.