Thursday, November 26, 2009

Angola 2010 campfires lit as Nigeria/Ghana choose spots

After the Draw was held last week and we've seen all the occupants of the 4 groups, Angola 2010 is now gathering momentum.

Nigeria have announced that they would NOT camp in the rainbow nation as earlier decided - they've opted for Namibia instead.

According the nation's football top dogs, Namibia has similar weather conditions to Angola and so it would be better suited to the Eagles acclimatization than South Africa.

However in a differing opinion, Ghana's Football Association announced last Monday that they would prefer Nelspruit (South Africa) for their preparations for both the Nations' Cup and the world cup.

The Super Eagles are scheduled to begin camping on 28 December and coach Shuaibu Amodu says he'll start inviting players into the team for Angola in due course.

The final 23 is widely expected to be announced by the 18th of December.

Ghana have penned 27 December as the start date for their camping.

Angola 2010: Group B - Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, Burkina Faso.

Group C: Egypt, Nigeria, Mozambique, Benin.