Wednesday, April 08, 2009

1 day gone, one day to go.

Yesterday brought to us the hugely awaited Euro champions league date after that long international break. Teams came back either on full throttle or fully depleted or a half-and-half of the two.

Red joke
First, of course was Man United. They were screaming favourites. Yes, they were. And they fell flat on their faces. Ronaldo was non-existent and it looked like Fletcher and Rooney carried the team. The defence leaked so bad it was not funny. Porto took a fourth minute lead, then United cancelled through a gift goal by Rooney. And then Tevez came on getting to the end and he did his magic. Yet, the Reds contrived to get a the Theater of Dreams. Sheeesh. That's a scary thought because Hulk and his pals played a darn good game of attacking soccer that they are set to replicate later. Van der Sar's frustration and beating of the turf summarized the team's dismal performance in the last month.

Red seriousness
On the other half of the red jerseys, Arsenal played away at the El Madrigal and got a vital 1-1 draw. As I wrote in my show's script today, the highlight was Adebayor's acrobatic classic equalizer. Here's a picture of the goal. Well, a picture is worth a thousand what's a video worth? Judge for yourself!

Ade's peach

That was a sweet finish and it immediately reminded me of Ronaldinho's bicycle kick guessed right...Villareal in 2006!

Dinho's classic

All's well that end's well. So, let's hope for equally cracking games between 'Pool and the Blues plus the Blaugrana and Bayern. Adios.

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Anonymous said...

u know me i just wrote on your Fb wall, u can conclude all you want but u know its not over till the ref sez so, funny how u didnt say much bout ass-n-alls result u think u in a better position well think out.

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