Saturday, August 01, 2009

Board members doing recruitment?

Hearts of Oak have set-up a five-man recruitment committee to strengthen their squad ahead of next season's campaign.

The members include Frank Nelson, Alhaji Fawaz Zowk, Isaac Tetteh, Harry Zakour and Alhaji Hearts. Their immediate task is to scout for new players to augment their squad for the qualifiers of next year's Caf Champions League.

SO begins the story but I wonder if the management of a club are responsible for scouting. I thought that was in the purview of the technical team?

For me, these is just one reason why Ghana's football teams have lived in a constant up season - down season existence. This season they are great, the next they have issues...and on and on.

Jobs meant for management should be left for them and those for the technical team should be left to them. The committee constituted does not have a single coach in it, yet they would scout for players for the technical team to use. And, predictably, if the technical guys cannot work with the procured material, they'll be axed. Fast.

In the end, who loses? All the stakeholders!

To the best of my knowledge a Board is responsible for affirming or declining the request by a technical team to sign certain players. They do not have to do it themselves!

And, before you go thinking Hearts of Oak are alone in this quagmire of mis-practice, think again. They are not; it is an inherently Ghanaian football malaise.

The earlier they stopped putting their butts where it doesn't belong, the better for all involved.