Monday, August 24, 2009

What the Ghanaman could not, the Serbians have done. Twice.

When history comes to be written, the football bards would sing a song.
The first stanza of the song will say that four years ago, Ratomir Dujkovic did a great job of taking Ghana to its first World Cup.

Never mind that he was the fifth in a series to coaches to steer the Black Stars into the World Cup after Sam Arday, Mariano Barreto, held the fort in the qualifying series.

Now, in 2009, the second stanza will likely say that another Serbian is doing same.
Milovan Rajevac Some great coaches in the nation’s history have failed to do that: Robert Mensah, Ibrahim Sunday, CK Gyamfi, Malik Jabir, Ben Kusi and Osei Kofi among others.

And then there are others like Jones Attuquayefio, EK Afranie – all these mentioned coaches had great players like Anthony Yeboah, Abedi Pele, Isaac Paha, Abdul Razak, Mohammed Polo, Peter Lamptey, Dan Owusu, Awuley Quaye and Kwasi Owusu and countless others.

But hey, we shouldn’t forget that the money, too, has counted.
Dujkovic did it four years ago on a modest salary of $15000 a month and Milo is doing it with a paycheck that is five times over. How much are we willing to pay Ghanaians to take us to the world cup?

That, I believe, is another bone to pick on another day.

ps: Never mind that Ghana is not fully at the World cup....they are already there as far as I am concerned!