Wednesday, October 07, 2009


And no. I dont mean the pregnancy stuff.

The spirit with which the Black Satellites are playing is truly inspiring. 1 goal down saw coach Sellas and his boys rally to win 2-1.

Adiyiah did not look sharp before the second but boy, did he lift up his game. The peach he scored for the winner was not bad at all. His work rate was also spot on.

Osei who had said before the game that he was aiming for the Golden Boot was shut down by the Amajitas.

And now what do I say about skipper Andre Dede Ayew? His football has not blown me away yet I cannot deny his leadership potential. Yesterday he was a template study for up and coming captains everywhere. His goal was pure class. However, there's a 'but'...

DEDE MUST RELEASE THE BALL ON TIME! Too many touches spoil the broth, no? 7

But all in all, I'm impressed with the team. The way Adiyiah sprinted to shake the suspended Rabiu Mohamed was cool, but why the ref gave the number 20 a yellow card left me scratching my head.

That was not the only call by the man in the middle that confused me. The crucial one is the red card got by Agyemang during extra time. I cant help but feel that this time, the wrong calls by refs allocated to Ghana games are 'errors in judgement'. It was so clear that the player went for - and got - the ball.

In short, I aint moved by the refereeing in the under 20 championships. I'll have videos for you later.