Saturday, October 10, 2009

Semis sorted. Now the 4-play begins.

It's getting down to the wire in Egypt 2009. After Ghana booked a place in the semis with Hungary yesterday it was left with four teams to sort themselves not.

Brazil - Germany was not shown on tv because, as the national tv station said it was 'a problem from source'. However from the little I gleaned from various sources, the South Americans did not have it coolly at all. Germany gave 'em a torrid time but once again, the skill and character of Rogerio Lourenco's team prevailed. Brazil's Betincourt scored twice in rapid succession to lead his team on a 2-1 comeback.

With the win, Brazil are tied on 13 goals in this tournament with Ghana. Spain lead the goal scoring charts with 14, of course aided by the 8 they hit past Tahiti. But I must pay tribute to the mechanical football of Germany that has borne them the results even if not so beautiful.

The second of today's games was Costa Rica - UAE. Before the game, pundits were not clear cut on who to tag favourites because these two had all done so well to be here. Especially UAE (I'm sure Blatter would be gloating about the efficacy of the Fifa Goal projects that have increased the football development of many nations like the Emirs who were hitherto seen as backward in the sport.)

Yet, the Concacaf champions scored a winner in the final minutes of the final half of extra time to break Emirates hearts. For me, 2-1 was a cruel way to leave Egypt but hey that's the game. A little loss of concentration cost 'em. Too bad.

Well, the fixtures are set: Ghana - Hungary and Brazil - Costa Rica. I'll be bringing videos of today's games soon.