Monday, March 09, 2009

Around the sports world weekend - in pictures

While Ghana was in the independency mood during the weekend, the rest of the sports world was moving on. And what better way to say it than to do it in the proverbial thousand words?

First the English FA cup was on and among all the goals scored surely the goal of the weekend was Eduardo’s that helped Arsenal’s 3-0 cruise over Burnley.

And then the women’s cricket world witnessed a 'bomb' as Sri Lanka was shocked by Pakistan. Misbah and her cronies were at it against Sri Lanka – as if the terrorist attacks were not hurting enough. Do I hear you say poetic justice…not likely?

…and meanwhile their male counterparts – but this time West Indies and England - were battling it out in Trinidad. Err, pardon me, these are not exactly men but I felt I had to balance the reportage. You know, Journalism and equality and all that...

Fast forward a couple of thousand miles to Milan and you would be at the press conference where Goldenballs announced he’s staying with the Rossonerri AC Milan - ostensibly because he is passionate about his dream team, Milan. Yeah, right. Muntari is waiting.

Speaking of Muntari, the local Black Stars were at their dismal best as they were whipped 2-0 by DR Congo. Anyway, how we for do? The Leopards took the trophy down east.

Simple and short, we messed up and they did their Freedom Dance in our sub-region. Neat. And very silly on our part.

And then there was the (erstwhile) disgraced Dwain Chambers who powered himself to a Torino victory only for him to be de-selected into Team GB. Ouch.

Well that’s the sport report of the holiday weekend in pictures. Hope you enjoyed it and if you didn’t, comments?

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skinbis said...

lol. i enjoyed it though am not much of soccer fan

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