Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Muntari should go hang!


"Ghana midfielder Sulley Muntari has threatened to quit the Black Stars if the authorities do not apologise his girlfriend."


"Menaye Donkor claims she was assaulted by a policeman at the Baba Yara Stadium on Sunday as she attempted to enter the dressing room area after the World Cup qualifier against Benin in Kumasi. The Inter Milan player is furious over the incident and has openly asked the Police Servie and chairman of the Ghana Football Association to apologise to Miss Donkor."

When I saw (and heard) of this story I nearly puked in disgust. First, to think that I had gone all the way to Kumasi to watch the Stars play and for Sulley to be pissed that his chick wasn't given entry into an area where even I - a journalist - was barred from going, accreditation and all.

I am angry. I am angry because I think that some of these boys want to take Ghana for a ride. I wondered why Muntari played like there was nothing at stake in the match. Now I know why! It is a shame IF he indeed said that. I think it's about time somebody called Muntari's bluff. He should be made to understand that the national team is bigger than any single individual and moreover he needs to be careful because fine players like Kwadwo Asamoah are in tow.

We can still make it to the world cup and cup of nations without him. Maybe he can tell Jose Mourinho to apologize to his girlfriend when she is spotted around the team in Italy? That would be his end. We are not running tabloid freebies here, so he can go hang!

Muntari should ask Fabio Capello why he should ban England players from inviting their WAGs to their camp prior to matches. If Muntari is in the Black Stars, that does not make Menaye an official of the national team so even if she has a permit, that permit does not guarantee her access to the team's hotel and dressing room just because her boyfriend is playing. What about the other players who have girl friends? For this one, Muntari should be allowed to quit the Black Stars forever and we see who loses in the end.

A harbinger?

But on a wider note, I am sure something is definitely wrong with the team attitude. The way they moved, the way they passed and their body language was lethargic at best. Appiah was a non-starter and when we are talking about the possibility of a niggling injury they say we should keep quiet. Well, not this man!

And worryingly, is this a harbinger of things breaking apart in the team or does it mean that Milovan Rajevac does not have control? Let's hope not because at the moment there are a lot of players ready and willing to play their hearts out for Ghana.

Being in Kumasi meant that I had the vibes of the people...and it wasn't good. While some called for the head of Il Kapitano, others said Muntari, Essien, Eric Addo and a few others should take a rest. Phew! What a change from the Ghana that deified these players. Time changes, indeed and we must change accordingly.

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skinbis said...

haha he really should go hang. who does he think he is any ways? ronaldhino? Purlease he should get a grip on reality. i think ghanaians have overpampered their 'stars" too much. thats the only explanation for their attitude

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