Thursday, March 05, 2009

Go Gunner! Go Ghana! And all that…

Talk about lewd! According to that most mmwah of soccerphiles – goal - a survey of nearly 2,000 men has confirmed that guys find gals in football shirts aesthetically pleasing… and prefer them to wear the jersey associated with their football club, instead of wearing some provocative, skimpy, and sexy lingerie.

Well that must be giving numerous gals some ideas, ha!

This lady says Go Gunner! Eh? And according to the poll - which interviewed both football and rugby lovers - 34 per cent of participants were adamant that football shirts were sexier than women's underwear, while 23 per cent went for the sexy lingerie and 16 per cent opted for costumes such as a nurse's outfit.

Some of England's finest 'Page 3' models, such as Keeley, have often posed in variations of the iconic white strip in order to escalate national fever when the Three Lions have been trying to roar at home or abroad, and these findings confirm that attraction.

If you are reading this, I know you are scrambling for ideas to get one for your perfect gal? Or do you STILL traditionally prefer your gal in this?

Anyway happy Independence to all the very good people of Ghana. Providence has brought us thus far in 52 years. We give thanks especially with the local Black Stars in the grand finale. All the best, boys. Go Ghana!

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David said...

good very good. but hey i like ma gal in the traditional outfits like a high school gals short uniform or a very naughty nurse. lol

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