Friday, March 06, 2009

On that most scalding of debates

As we countdown to the end of one of the dullest Independence days the country has – ever – seen, I’m convinced that I can take some positives from the day.

After the whining galore I have received from loved ones over various trivial issues, I ended up being upped by the thoughts that our locals can bring the trophy home and maybe we can be rocking the African continent big time. Maybe just as we were the talk of town recently, we can do an encore, no?

But as I am still in the 'freedom 'n justice' mood and this weekend, destined to be a loooong holiday one has seen me wanting a football fight. Why don’t you indulge me while I extol the brilliance of the best player on the planet and my current favourite player..Leo Messi. He can do no wrong, surely!

Now this is my take on the Messi-vs-Ronaldo­-who-­is-the-greatest debate. Never mind the much-bandied about 42 goals by CR7. Messi will mesmerize you this year, hands down. And Messi does not dive, yeah you know that!

And already in 2009 Messi has shown why he would have won the Fifa World Player of the Year had it not been for some over-hyped atypical English press antics. With 22 games gone, the gifted Argentine has 17 goals and 10 assists. Ronaldo? 24-12-5. Fine, the year has not reached even halfway but he who calls the pace, calls the end, capisce?

Anyway, why should I talk too much? Let the video speak for itself…and it’s not biased! Enjoy...

CR7 vs Leo Messi