Friday, May 15, 2009

Essien: We ain't married. Dela: We are! The real deal.

Yaw & Mike'll be meeting again soon. In an Accra court. - Oxigen

In the streets of Accra - Ghana's capital - and elsewhere in the country, it may not be too absurd to say Michael Essien can be taken seriously if he wants to be the president.

Yes, he is that popular and famous. But his women issues are leaving people scratching their heads. More on his other flings (yikes!) and mini-scandals later.

Ms. Dela Ackumey, a woman who many had long expected to be Michael's wife, is tugging the Chelsea man's purse. The argument is simple.

Essien says they are not married. Dela says they are. The argument may look simple but the legalese surely aren't.

Essien and Dela started hanging out about four years ago and those who know them say they were very much into each other. It is worth noting that at the time Mike's Lyon career was looking good. And obviously, the woman in Dela took notice.

What I gather is that the French francs being sent to Ms. Dela Ackumey meant that she knew her boy was a catch...and so she pressured him to start marriage rites.

Here's where it becomes dicey. Even though they split last year, Ms. Ackumey insists the Bison had performed marriage rights on her and therefore wants their 'divorce' to reflect that.

Ms. Ackumey is from Anlo in the eastern part of Ghana where the Ewe tribe are predominantly settled. However, Essien’s lawyers (led by a member of the influential Ofori-Atta family) say the said rites the Chelsea player performed did not amount to marriage rites in the traditional sense.

The lawyers also say that even if the rites amounted to marriage rites, the ceremony was contrary to what the big-pound earner wanted.

The French francs being sent to Ms. Ackumey meant she knew her boy was a catch...and so she pressured him to start marriage rites.

Media bonanza

And so the stage is surely set for what is turning up to be a media event of considerable size. Already, the Chelsea and Ghana midfielder has grown into something of a national icon since his big money move to Chelsea three seasons ago.

In anticipation of the animalistic nature the Ghanaian and world media can morph into, the court may let the two testify in camera. Especially as Ms. Ackumey says she has video evidence to show that they were married.