Thursday, May 07, 2009

Good money. But good torso?

Oh Lord, I do not think I want to see my babe in Armanis if Posh is gonna be the model for it.

She's signed a 32 million pound deal with the label - together with her hubby.

Ok, so the cash is good, but the decide.

But while on the subject of Beckham, the guy's finances look recession-proof. French magazine France Football not too long ago released its annual list of the highest earners in soccer and David Beckham, currently on loan at AC Milan from the Los Angeles Galaxy, again tops the list with total earnings of $42.7 million in 2008.

Beckham earns $6.5 million on the field per year, according to his Major League Soccer contract. But much of that figure this year will be paid by AC Milan, where the England international will stay until the end of the Serie A season in May. Beckham also earns a portion of Galaxy ticket and jersey sales, as well as additional millions in endorsement deals from the likes of Adidas, Gillette and Pepsi.

Cash man!

Till then.