Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In the offing...

There are murmurs in the wind that the severally-acclaimed football pundit Nana Kwaku Agyemang is up to something.

Nothing sinister but they say it is a sports program. I hope, for the sake of the viewing public, Nana himself and sports journalists, it would be a cut above the rest.

The runners-up in anything are just the first losers.

- Neil Jones, Soccerlens

So, there. The secret is out. I also hear he's doing it with Yaw Ampofo-Ankrah, my presenter here at Atlantis.

Well, no surprises there.

You can say they are two peas in a pod. The industry needs a renaissance (II) what with Yaw's initial one at Metro. Someone has to do it again.

As my bud Neil Jones over at Soccerlens says, we need winners, not runners up.

Ghana's sports journalism has for too long endured mediocrity that kills the spirit of professionalism. Don't forget that it is professionalism that feeds the thirst of ambition of advancement.

What, then do we do, if it dies?

We're finished, that's what!

Anyway, I spoke to Nana Gee about the show and he was mum, but I'm told that the 'skeleton' is sorted and that only 'flesh' is needed now. I suppose 'flesh' means finances and support staff.

Well, then. Till later.