Wednesday, July 15, 2009

All Blacks – Wise tie rescheduled due to violence.

As we speak the game is on.

This outstanding Glo Premier League game will be honoured today after it was put off due to violence in Swedru on Sunday.

The match officials ruled security was not adequate for the game to be played on Sunday after scuffles broke out between fans of the two clubs over which entrance the visiting team and the fans should use.

Wise claim some of their players were injured in the scuffles but All Blacks deny that and insist the trouble had been instigated by macho men of Wise who insisted on using the same entry route for the players.

The PLB ruled however at a meeting on Monday that All Blacks had been responsible for the trouble and fined them 1500 GHC.

The game will now go ahead but with enhanced security at the venue today. The Professional League Board says the game will be played under the watchful eye and protection of 100 policemen and soldiers in a bid to avert the violence that has become part of the everyday story of the Ghana Premier League.

With relegation battles more intense than ever, games in the closing stages of the season have gotten increasingly intense and last Sunday’s scenes at Swedru highlighted that.

All Blacks need to win that game to give themselves a chance of staying up but defeat or even a draw will condemn them to the first division. Defeat for Wise will also leave them with all to do ahead of the final day fixtures.