Thursday, July 02, 2009

Muntaka matter is laid to rest. For now.

And as ever the cartoonists have had their say. The Daily Guide has one called Akosua, perhaps the most notorious of them all. This is what he/she did to Muntaka.

Goodness gracious. I don't wanna be Muntaka at this moment. No, I do not!

Meantime former Youth and Sports Minister Alhaji Muntaka Mubarak would for a while remain tight-lipped over circumstances surrounding investigations on him and his eventual resignation.

The former minister told Joy FM (in Accra) that he has been asked not to speak to the media about the issue any longer.

Although he would not disclose the source of that admonition, sources close to the minister believe his lawyers must have advised as such.

I think that's good and sound advice.

Alhaji Muntaka, is said to have met with the Ashanti Regional executives of the NDC to apologise for the havoc his sympathisers are said to have caused at the regional headquarters.

Constituency executives have resigned after demonstrating against the minister’s resignation.

They claim Alhaji Muntaka Mubarak, who resigned shortly before the findings of an investigative report into his irregular expenses were made public was compelled to quit.

Charges were not levelled against him - lucky man.

Alhaji Muntaka was asked by the president to step aside to allow for investigations to be launched into allegations of financial malfeasance brought against him.

The Chief Accountant at the Sports Ministry, Adim Odoom, chronicled a 10+ point charge against the minister.

The president subsequently appointed a Minister of State and MP for Wa Central, Abdul-Rashid Puelpo to act as Sports Minister.

I'll tell you what I think of Mr Puelpo later - I met him on Monday and I'm still making my mind about what to think of him.