Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Looking gloomy - OL may offload John Mensah. And why not?

Too many injuries and red cards spoil the broth.

John Mensah only joined Lyon last summer from Stade Rennes. And then injuries and red cards started chopping his French career. Things have come to a big head because the former French dons feel they do not need him.

The Lyons president is Jean-Michel Aulas:

“Today the possibility of the two players leaving is even greater because I have already made my plans for next season “If both players [Mensah and world cup winning Fabio Grosso] receive proposals where there is mutual interest, we will study and allow them to leave.”

The big defender has been said to have had interests from Galatasaray - a €5milion Lyon brushed off - and just a week ago I heard West Ham wanted him.

Yet Mensah himself feels a bit under-carded:

“I have always said footballers are like birds in flight –you never know where you end up. If Lyon agree I should talk to them and the offer is good, you never know, he told kickoffghana.com

I don't think Lyon have seen the best of me. I got injured too many times and that really affected me. So I want to stay at the club and repay them for all the patience they have had for me up to date.”

Me, I think that the guy is too old, let's face it. His real age may be somewhere in the mid- thirties and not the 27 we are being told.

And if that is the age, you just cannot cheat nature.

Yeah, I said it!

...Meanwhile, another J. Mensah but this time JoNATHAN, is looking glad, not gloomy. His tidings with Free State Stars (South Africa) are looking up.