Tuesday, July 28, 2009

When do your favorite leagues begin?

As Hearts of Oak were crowned league champs on Sunday - pictured above - it has marked a relatively dull tenure of football ahead in Ghana. So I wondered when the next league season would start. Now I have my answer...as well as those from others around the world.

English Prem: August 15th

La Liga: August 29th

GPL: October 4

Serie A: August 23rd

Bundesliga: August 7th

Ligue 1: August 8th

Russia Premier League: Running*

Eredivisie: July 31st

Romania: August 1st

Portugal: August 15th

Turkey: August 9th

Greece: August 22nd

Scotland: August 15th

Belgium: August 1st

Switzerland July 11th*

Denmark: July 18th

Bulgaria: August 8th

Czech Republic: July 25th

Norway: Running*

Austria: July 17th

Serbia: August 15th

Ghana: October 4th

(These dates are subject to change don't forget)

But don't despair for the lack of Ghanaian football till then, because there are other African attractions...