Saturday, June 06, 2009

Clottey vs Cotto: fasting and prayers!

Ahead of Joshua Clottey's crunch duel with Miguel Cotto and the Ghana-Mali World/African Cup qualifier, the Chairman of the Ghana Boxing Authority (GBA), Mr. Moses Foh-Amoaning has called for for a two-week fasting and prayer period for the combatants.

"The GBA has already started the exercise, but we will formally launch it at the Royal House Chapel in Accra this Sunday," the GBA boss said in a telephone interview.

We're going spiritual now. I see.

He added: "We want to dedicate the bout as well as the Stars' away game against Mali on Sunday to God, to make the grounds softer."

The boxing boss revealed that the enormity of the two assignments stirred his outfit to embark on the spiritual exercise, which according to him, coupled with their training will bring honours to Ghana.

Clottey 35-2 (20 KOs) and nicknamed "The Hitter", is scheduled to fight WBO welterweight champion Cotto on June 13 at the Madison Square Gardens, New York.

The Ghanaian has predicted to end the fight in round four or five over his opponent:

"Maybe after four or five rounds with me he'll want to quit. I'm going to stop him."

The Stars who lead the Group D table are in Bamako this weekend to play their Malian counterparts in their World/Africa Cup qualifier.

Clottey spoke in a video interview, too, recently.

Let's hope the fasting work!