Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Etospheric offer from City: the lad is rising to dizzy heights.

After what seemed like a marathon session, Kaka traipsed to Real - as only he can - for what the world thought was an absurd 56 million pounds.

Before the dust settled, the same Real Madrid shocked the world when, days later, Cristiano Ronaldo finally went to Real Madrid for what the world now believed was a mad amount of 80 million pounds.

And that was the beginning of this summer’s transfer madness.

Between then and now, many players have moved to and from many clubs. Yet, another of the silly season’s bombshells is about to drop. This time, it’s got a distinctly African flavor to it.

British tabloids (the pix at the top is from The Sun) report that Cameroun’s Samuel Eto’o is this close to moving to Manchester City for a monstrous fee. Or in the words of Barcelona’s president, Joan Laporta, a ‘stratospheric offer’.

“Eto’o has a stratospheric offer from City, which would convert him into the best-paid player in the world.

“It’s starting to become clear that he has this monster offer. He wants to stay but an offer like this is very difficult to refuse. If Eto’o accepts this stratospheric offer, we will have to bring in someone.

“If Eto’o accepts Manchester City’s mammoth offer, we will need another striker.”

As if that is a problem for a club like Barca. Eto’o is a terrific goalscorer but we must admit that his instinct is dimming just a wee little bit.

He is not the same Samuel Eto’o who blasted his way past that Brazilian defence in the 2002 Confederations’ Cup. And so with players like David Villa, David Silva and even Carlos Tevez hovering in transfer limbo, that should not be (too much of) a problem.

From the continental perspective, Samuel Eto’o is well on his way to established African football greatness.

At the moment there is the argument that the Indomitable Lions man is the most decorated African footballer ever – with five African Nations’ Cup appearances and two titles, all-time African Cup top scorer with sixteen and one Olympic gold medal, two World Cup appearances, two Uefa Champions’ League titles (scored in both) and several other awards, it’s difficult to challenge that fact.

Eto’o is a terrific goalscorer but we must admit that his instinct is dimming just a wee little bit.

Yes, he hasn’t won the World Player of the Year like George Weah did and for me it is testament to the quality of opposition that Eto’o has in this day and age.

And oh, as we speak, Michael Essien is the most expensive African player after his move from Lyon to Chelsea for 24.5 million pounds.

Should the Cameroonian go to City he would be the highest paid English Premier League 'baller – eclipsing the record set for Robinho by the same Manchester City.

The sheikhs, really, are shaking the City of Manchester.