Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Afranie is not amused with postponements

As we speak the Glo Premier league is on (another) break. Off the top of my head this is the third or fourth such break this season alone.

Veteran coach Emmanuel Afranie is not too happy with the postponements and he's whining about the effects.

"The first postponement was justifiable because the Black Satellites had to play.

But this current two-week break affects most of the teams. Sometimes the boys are affected by inactivity. Some come back giving excuses and complaining of family issues."

The Sporting Mirren coach may have a point. The PLB postponed this week's games because they wanted maximum public support for the senior national team. However, it must be said that only four local players feature in the Black Stars so why delay a whole sponsored league because of four players?

Last time round the postponement was - as Afranie said - justfied because almost all the Black Satellites players who played South Africa were locally based.

PLB boss Welbeck Abra-Appiah's breaks are becoming just too many. Not to mention unnecessary.