Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Caf, Diakite, Keshi and Mali: the conspiracy

The talk in the Ghanaian media is of a fantastic conspiracy of a racy nature going on in the Confederation of African football (Caf).

The players in the apparent scheme are coach Stephen Keshi of Mali and Amadou Diakite, the Chairman of Caf's Referees Committee.

They are said to be in cahoots to 'fix' the crucial game between Ghana and Mali in Bamako.

Stephen Keshi is said to have asked Diakite 'to do something' about the unfair officiating Mali faces in continental games. He is also reported to have hinted that other African nations who 'have big people in Caf' get referees that are favourable to them, so why should Mali be left out?

Although I have searched all over the web for links to this story, I have to admit that I have not found a single one - conspiracy or otherwise - anywhere to get quotes from.

Obviously this is a very sensitive topic and it is drawing different reactions from the general public in Ghana. While some believe it is very possible, others have just brushed it off as tittle-tattle.

For those who believe it, they point to the widely held belief that Keshi launched a similar campaign to help Togo get to the World Cup. They hold that General Seyi Memene, the first Vice President of Caf was publicly nudged to help the Hawks of Togo qualify for Germany.

I should state, though, that these claims have not been substantiated nor proven anywhere.

Keshi, who is known for his mind games, may yet be playing on the nerves of the Black Stars ahead of this Sunday's match. How much these would affect them remains to be seen.