Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Hockey: Ghana's national team getting ready

A bit of hockey, then. Ghana's male and female national teams are rounding up their international training tour in preparation for the upcoming tournament.

The country is hosting the African Cup for Nations Ghana 2009 hockey tournament. It is also the 12th edition in the series and would be played at the newly refurbished Theodosia Oko Hockey Pitch in Accra.

I tell you, the place looks most un-Ghanaian - it really is world class. Big plaudits to all involved, I was massively proud of what I saw when the media were last invited to check the place out.

The Black Sticks have been in Holland for the past several weeks to prep themselves and they have played 15 competitive friendlies so far.

The tournament is the first for Ghana and is being looked up to by the country's hockey fraternity. The captain of the national male team is Ebenezer Frimpong and he described the tour as being very successful.

"The exposure we have got from this event is huge. It's been very successful

"The 15 games we've played have prepared us well and morale in camp is high.

"Between now and the tournament we can only hope for no injuries

The games are slated for July 10 to July 18 and would also serve as a World cup qualifier.