Monday, June 01, 2009

Welbeck gets strong Fergie push. PS: He HAS Ghanaian blood!

He's got Ghanaian parents but lives in England. For your information, if people don't want to accept his African-ness, his full name at birth was Daniel Nii T. M. Welbeck. (I can't find what the 'T.M.' stands for)

The 'Danny' came along later.

Africans in general and Ghanaians in particular may be happy for him because no mean a person than Sir Alex Ferguson himself is pushing for the lad.

Danny Welbeck has made a good start to his Manchester United career, from the screamer he scored in front of the Stretford End on his league debut to the further twelve games and two goals he finished the season with.

Sir Alex Ferguson has predicted that Fabio Capello will be taking Welbeck with his England squad to the World Cup next summer, which certainly indicates the manager expects to give Welbeck a lot more time in the team this season.

“Danny’s a certainty to make it to the highest level,” Ferguson said.

“I’ve told Fabio Capello the boy will be in his World Cup squad next year. Wide left or right or through the middle, he has the intelligence, guts, athleticism, determination and talent to do the job.

“He’s going to be a big lad. His height is about 6ft 1in now but the prediction is he’ll be 6ft 3in. He’s yet to get the conformation in his thighs, so he is still gangly, but he’s brave enough to carry that.

“When he completes his growing, he’ll really be something.”

Well that is the highest compliment I would want if I were Danny. Go on, boy, Africa needs more bragging rights in the World Cup!

Sadly, it looks like he personally wants to play for the English. Can't blame him, can you?

In the meantime it seems he can play for any number of countries. More on that later.