Monday, June 01, 2009

Don't they just luvvvv Amoah?

Hey, it's another month! Hope you enjoyed the last one with me.

Yesterday I reported that Matthew Amoah had helped his club side NAC Breda into the new Europa league.

I also promised to get the videos but...I still have not got 'em.

In the meantime I chanced on some interesting stuff made by NAC Breda fans. They just luv the guy!

Here's a video of Amoah's goal - and the ecstasy - in a game with PSV.

Wow. And then there's this one, too. Features him and another Breda man called Anthony Lurling.

And this fan copied a replay of a goal he simulated in the widely popular Fifa 08. Not too clear, but you get my drift.

Finally. Check out this compilation of his goals a fan did.

Wild! And it also goes to prove that it's not only Essien, Ade, Eto'o and a few Africans who are cult heroes.