Monday, June 01, 2009

Ok then, start the body count!

It’s been reported on most news networks that a Nigerian Man Utd fan killed four Barcelona (this link goes to a biased site) fans after the loss in the UCL final!

He was obviously so disappointed after the loss to the Catalonia club (the link goes to a biased pro-United site) that he couldn’t take it but really, killing four people? That’s crazily insane. He apparently ran the four fans down with his mini-bus. This atrocity comes only a while after a Kenyan Arsenal fan hung himself after their defeat to United in the UCL Semi-Final.

I thought there were some disappointed fans...but this? We all know how passionatelyAfricans follow European football but for Christ’s sake, this is just awful. Oh, and the man in question is currently in police custody.

I also recall a certain trotro (bus) driver/driver's mate who was a Kotoko fan killing himself a coupla years ago because Hearts had beaten them. And then there was that incident reported on Citi FM that a Chelsea fan had done the thing after they were beaten by Barca in the semis. This was apparently in Cape Coast in the south of Ghana.


Crazy, crazy shit. Speaking of UCL, I'll be getting out a few of the local shots at the place I watched the final.