Monday, June 01, 2009

Why Appiah's decision to withdraw was/is so wrong

Ghana woke up a week ago to the news that Il Kapitano had withdrawn from the upcoming game with mali in June and even yesterday's Uganda clash.

My first reaction was: He has what?!

He may be smiling here, but I am sure the guy can't sleep.

His reason was that he had family issues. Almighty Jah...I mean come on, since when did football allow family issues to determine whether they play in a World Cup qualifier. Since he started playing for the Stars in 1996, has he ever stepped down from any game due to family issues?

And I'm sure he's had his fair share of them.

That brings us to the 2009 million dollar question: why is he not playing? I like to feel that the pressures of the fans and the snickering is getting to him. But, for balls sake, he should learn from Cristiano Ronaldo!

This is the time to show the fans who's boss - and it should be on the pitch, not off it. He should have come down and played the game of his life. As I like to say, 'fans are like sails, they bend with the winds. '

Appiah should simply stop whining, be a man and come out if something is really wrong.

Mohammed Gargo, long time friend of his chose to take the ire of fans by blaming them:

"Probably he is also tired hearing the comments of our own football lovers in this country.

"Football is such that when people don't like you, they try to paint you black no matter how good you are.

He added: "So probably he's tired and he just wants to take a break and see what is going to happen. I will personally not plead with him but ask him to rethink his decision

"I think they need him even his advice. If he's always on the bench I will like it. The public will have to sympathize with him."

So what's Milo saying?

"It's a big problem for us because he is a big player. We are talking with him, and we hope he returns to camp as soon as possible."

Of course it is a big problem because Stevie is, without being clichéd, the heartbeat of Ghana.

Appiah should simply stop whining, be a man and come out if something is really wrong.

Meanwhile, Fulham defender John Paintsil agrees that the loss of Appiah is a major blow.

"It is going to be difficult without Appiah. If there is anything to bring him back that will be better," he told Joy Sports in Accra.

So then, that's the feeling in me mind.