Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Essien & the 50-50

Essien & the 50-50....sounds like a rock band eh?

Nope, it's not a rock band. It is the state of the situation.

Michael Essien breezed into town last night and at the Kotoka Int'l Airport he was met by some media people. Among them was Citi FM's Erasmus Kwao who interviewed the Bison.

In the interview Essien dropped a bombshell when asked if he would feature in the Mali game especially with his court case impending:

"As it stands it is 50-50 but I'll do anything to ensure that I can to play.

"I have to get this thing sorted out. I want to have this thing sorted so that it would not have an effect on me on the pitch."

An Accra High Court is set to rule on whether Michael indeed was married to his ex-lover Dela Ackumey.

"A girl I dated years ago has taken me to court so I have to come and get it out of the way, concentrate on my football and try to qualify for the World Cup," Essien said.

She wants compensation for Essien allegedly ditching her.