Thursday, June 04, 2009

Totally terrific Toulon stuff!

This year's Toulon tournament is currently ongoing and it has started dishing out great goals.

Like the one in the video below, scorched by UAE's Mohammed Abdulla against Egypt.

Certainly up there for goal of the tournament. The Toulon tournament involves eight U-21 teams who are invited to take part in a friendly tournament in (and around) Toulon, France running 9 days or so annually.

It is officially known as the Tournoi Espoirs de Toulon or Toulon Hopefuls' Tournament.

There are two four-team groups where each team plays the other three once and the winner/runner up advance to the semi-finals, winner onto the finals.

The eight participants this year are in two groups. Group A has Argentina, Egypt, Netherlands and UAE while Group B has Chile, France, Portugal and Qatar.